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  1. Smart TV 55D8000 LED Analysis

    March 17, 2012 stojanovic79

    Because significantly the actual 3D effect, the actual D8000 features Samsung Hyperreal 3D Engine that increases as well as optimizes picture performance to deliver a very brilliant as well as crystal-clear Full HIGH DEFINITION, but also synchronizes

    LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 06:  Sungsoo Kwak cont...

    the actual 3D effect with built/in 3D Sound Effect option. Another advantage concerning the 3D option, is the fact that Samsung D8000 features a 2D> 3D conversion, which is carried out in real time, so you can add your own 2D substance of any level. This course is not really because effective since the substance which was originally filmed in 3D, but it is still a useful thing to have.

    In addition to our own desire and effort this season in order to launch a significant story regarding the TV Benchmark examination site, the general indifference connected with suppliers in our country we had remaining the actual models all of us examined can not count on the actual fingers of one hand. To create matters worse than it is, the conditions through which all of us examination TVs were definately not ideal, which has always lacked lots of things that could have had access to that people are allowed to examination these models in the convenience of our own home, which are also realistic examination circumstances TVs. This is one of the things that suppliers in Serbia can not understand and don’t want to provide us TVs, that people would certainly want to examination a longer period than one particular office or even visit the store to check them in a space that has access to cable tv, satellite television, analog as well as electronic SD as well as HIGH DEFINITION channels, through which we can and also to control the level of background light. Something we can not get involved office and thus not our own wrong doing, the quality of the test that people want to give you, not in the stage where we wish to be, and we are very remorseful the scenario as it is. We had a need to share this along with you, our own readers, to achieve the insight to the text that follows, and in order to illustrate the real scenario and the problems all of us face.

    To be certain, not the goal of the story lamenting the actual fate or even exhaustion our own readers, but it is our own desire to be open by the end of you and you realize that from our own part that will bring you the most exclusive variety of examination equipment is absolutely undeniable! Our own testing were to state responsibility, the most full and most full in this country, as well as work with a lot of interest as well as commitment, as opposed to watching odokativnog (mostly extinct) display screen within two moments as well as create based on the needs connected with advertisers as well as advertising managers, because regrettably become almost common exercise in the local media.

    As we finished with that, this papers will try to maintain an optimistic nature, as well as from everything we experienced available for screening, we can get the most. Because befits this introduction, we will provide you with a few phrases as well as information about the actual maker, whose television set was on the examination. Samsung is a company that has this season been a top manufacturer connected with television sets, because was the case during the past four years, which this season created a huge success having its SmartTV concept, but also style as well as superior picture quality on the competition. In the second quarter of this year, Samsung d8000 presented 22. 6% stake in the worldwide TV market, while its main competitor and the second in the reveal connected with LG, had taken only 14. 4%. Sony is just behind LG with eleven. 7%, accompanied by Panasonic with 9. 4%, Sharp having 7. 0%, while additional manufacturers use up a total of 34. 8% stake in the worldwide market.

    There is no doubt that the actual Samsung and the following year to keep this lead, so it is probably that it will again become a leader in the field of HDTV in 2012-age. One particular exciting thing — Samsung features a couple of days purchased Sony’s stake in the relationship made in 2004-year involving the two companies, which was concluded for the shared production of LCD solar panels used in TVs, so Samsung is now completely independent of the production it is LCD panel. A lot for the Samsung as being a business on this occasion, and now all of us pass on the specific product 55D8000 TV.

    Samsung’s premium 55D8000 LCD TV with Side LED backlight, but it’s not typically Side LED lighting effects, but the combination of the aforementioned Micro Dimming options. Micro Dimming option is really a software controller that analyzes the image of the various areas in 4000, as well as according to what is displayed on the display screen, adjust the actual contrast in these areas. Although not completely effective as being a true Local Dimming, this is truly extraordinary thing in assessment using the standard Edge-lit LED Dimming with no options, which should reduce to some degree bright light on photos in order to dark components were darker as well as vice versa.

    This season, all of us finally examined the actual Samsung’s top LCD TV with Side LED backlit TV having a beautiful style, really thin frame and a very small thickness, the actual Samsung 55D8000. This is of course SmartTV, with the benefits that Smart Centre offers a means, there is also a 3D option. With this particular product you also get DVB-C, DVB-T as well as DVB-S2 tuners and a great number of cable connections. Everything we were able to deduce from our own meeting with this model, you can find below

    Micro Dimming technology delivers better image quality, which will be a darker green color, while white-colored lamps stay upward, translated, plays a role in TV delivers extraordinary amounts of contrast. In combination with LED-backlit Samsung’s Extremely Clear Panel, the image will have an excellent detail even in fast moving pictures, as well as Hyperreal as well as WideColorEnchancer Engine, which uses complex algorithms, will make the colors much more brilliant and discover shades as well as colors that are otherwise hardly noticed. To get a quick scene in charge of the actual 800Hz Clear Motion Rate option, which eliminates blurring in fast moving pictures and provides the full 1080 TV lines relocating picture resolution and make a sharp optimum in the quick actions.

    When we consider that this is Samsung’s flagship premium product, it must have all SmartTV options, so it is built with all the achievable applications as well as opportunities, which are situated in SmartHub section. SmartHub section is really a centre that binds all Smart TV features in one easily accessible place, you are able to open simply by pushing SmartHub switch in your handheld remote control.

    Samsung Product D8000 has great connectivity, which allows you to link all your gadgets to one source, the time has four HDMI inputs. In order to better control the actual gadgets, this model has the Anynet + feature, which through the HDMI-CEC feature enables you to control any connected device manufacturers, with one particular remote, among your own TV. So that we can bring the content material to other mobile devices for example smartphones, tablets, ink jet printers, cameras, laptop computers, etc ., there is AllShare options, which all reinforced AllShare allows wifi connection gadgets as well as have fun with movies, music and pictures in your TV, via the actual DLNA standard. It is possible to play with software as well as hardware press hosts, which will bring your own substance simply by wire or even wirelessly to your TV Samsung D8000.

  2. Plasma 3dTV or Led 3dTV

    February 29, 2012 stojanovic79

    LCD generic tv02

    Smart TV

    With the advent of 3D television technology, manufacturers of LCD and plasma TVs are in a constant race who can produce better 3D TV. Almost all technologies used for image reproduction, plasma, LCD and LED, now experience the upgrade and integration of 3D technology. This of course brings us to the question which is better Plasma or LCD 3D TV 3D TV?

    The battle between plasma and LCD TVs has been around for a long time, and with the advent of 3D TV still take off, you can thank all 3D enthusiasts and TV critics. If you are not familiar with the TV, then you will both look exactly the same even though the 3D plasma TVs use completely different technology from 3D LCD TVs. These two technologies are very different.

    Processing speed and image display (refresh rate or refresh rate) is the LCD TV is now increased to 120 Hz or 240 Hz, but the latter is often shown as 480 Hz, which is actually not true, so it is already working on the manipulation of specifications. But the LCD is still a problem so. motion-blur movement know where to look somewhat blurry and unnatural, and sometimes you pictures of myself jump and move left and right of the picture that you do not see until it set.

    Plasma TVs are the other well-known for its highly stable frequency that is already well above the LCD refresh rate, namely at 600 Hz, for a classic refreshing image on your plasma come to the aid of previously proven technologies such as “sub field motion” or “sub field drive ”. When we compare the two speeds, come to the question whether this kind of impact on the rendering of 3D images? Of course there is. This difference in frequency means that LCD TVs are not able to reproduce 3D images in full resolution of the 1080th 3D LCD TVs can play the 3D image resolution up to 800 at the maximum frequency of 240 Hz. If you find an LCD that has a real 480 Hz, then he can play the 3D image resolution up to 1080i.

    Are there any of those 800 pixels influence the perception of images? And these are generally considered to be 800 pixels high resolution, even on smaller screens, this is not a difference, but if you buy a bit bigger TV then the resolution is reduced very much affect how you experience the film you are watching, especially when it is 3D. Motion blur is also present due to the lower refresh rate, it does not have a plasma TV. In addition, plasma technology, depth perception when combining it with advanced pixel structure makes 3D superior to LCD.

    Overall, the 3D plasma TVs surpass almost all 3D LCD TVs, but several recent models that have a real 480 Hz with additional software for the treatment of motion-blur. No price between plasma and LCD is great.Also there is new Organic Led HDTV